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Robosurg - Robotic Surgery Centre, Kolhapur

Dr. Suraj Pawar - Chief Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon

Robotic Surgery Centre in Kolhapur- Robosurg.

After Successful inception and management of Kolhapur Cancer Center, Dr.Suraj Pawar brings to you; Kolhapur's first-ever sophisticated and advanced technology equipped, hospital – “Robosurg”.

Robotic surgeries have emerged as the fastest growing field in the last 30 years or so. The reason for this is this sugeries are comparatively less painful and more accurate to the purpose.

'Robosurg – Robotic Surgery Centre' has been equipped with the renowned 'Versius' technology developed by the England based company CMR. This will serve to bring in a radical revolution in the field of medical surgeries.

In comparison to the normal surgeries conducted, Robotic Surgery is way too advanced & extremely prudent. Rather, it is inevitable that maximum surgeries will be conducted using this technology in the coming times.

Dr. Suraj B. Pawar
Chief Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon