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Why Robotic Surgery ?

Enhances Accuracy Levels in the Surgery

In the traditional laparoscopic surgery, the assistant of the head surgeon holds the endoscopic camera. Any minor mistake or delay from the assistant's end might make the surgery go amiss. In robotic surgery, the camera is embedded in one of the arms of the robot itself.

The surgeon can view a 40 times large 3D image of the internal organs of the patient by inducing proper control over the camera. This helps in achieving the accuracy in the surgery to be conducted.

Minimally Painful Surgeries

During a robotic surgery, apertures as small as 5mm diameters are made into the body of the patient. Also, with the help of the accuracy of the robot, the surgery can be conducted without harming other organs and blood vessels in the process. All these attributes help in making robotic surgery minimally painful out of all the other surgery modes.

Surgery Possible on Complex Body Parts

A surgeon's hands have physical human limitations. But the robot's arms are not bound to any such limitations and can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. By using this feature, one is able to reach and conduct a surgery, on the complex internal body parts of a patient without causing any harm to the other organs in the process.

Post-surgery Infections are Reduced Considerably

Usually post-surgery infections might cause complexities for the patient. Whereas, robotic surgery offers very less surgical incisions thus reducing the risk of infections post the surgeries to a considerable extent.

Fewer Lesions & Early Discharge

Robotic surgery allows very few post-surgery marks on the patient's body. Also, the pre and post-admission time in the hospital is reduced to a large extent due to robotic surgeries.

In comparison to the normal surgeries conducted, Robotic Surgery is way too advanced & extremely prudent. Rather, it is inevitable that maximum surgeries will be conducted using this technology in the coming times.

Dr. Suraj B. Pawar
Chief Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon